Excessive Sweating Treatment

Afraid to shake hands? Wear certain colours or fabrics? Do you need to change clothes repeatedly throughout the day?

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating, well beyond the natural cooling the body needs to regulate temperature. It often occurs in the armpits, hands and feet, but it can also affect the scalp, face, and entire body. Its cause is unknown, and while it isn’t medically harmful, it can be socially debilitating.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Reduce Excessive Sweating

For those who experience focal – or 'primary' – hyperhidrosis, which occurs in specific areas, or ‘generalized’ hyperhidrosis, which occurs all over the body – help is available through anti-wrinkle injections.

Anti-wrinkle injections have been found to stop localised sweating by blocking the neural signals which stimulate activity in the sweat glands. The injections are able to prevent localised sweating while the body continues normal moisture production elsewhere.

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  • What is Hyperhidrosis?

    Hyperhidrosis is the excessive perspiration, typically affecting the underarms, hands, and feet, but it can also occur on the scalp, face, and even all over the body.  The cause is unknown.  It is not believed to be an indication of a serious, underlying medical condition.

  • How can anti-wrinkle injections help?

    Anti-wrinkle injections can help control the symptoms of local or ‘primary’ hyperhidrosis by blocking the neural signals that stimulate activity in the sweat glands.

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Pre & Post Treatment

  1. Pre-Treatment Care

    • We advise clients to avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to treatment, as it thins the blood and may lead to bleeding.
    • We do not treat clients who are pregnant or breast-feeding with cosmetic injections.  We recommend that you defer such treatments during these times.
  2. Post-Treatment Care

    Post-Treatment Care                            

    • It is important that you remain upright – no reclining - for four hours following treatment.
    • Do not rub or cause friction around the injected area for at least 12 hours following treatment.
    • Do not apply makeup for 12 hours, unless you are using Jane Iredale mineral makeup, which is not absorbed by the skin.
    • Do not engage in any exercise or exertion for 24 hours.
    • Do not undergo any skin treatments (eg microdermabrasion, peels or laser skin rejuvenation) for one week.
    • Some bruising is normal and may last for seven days.  If bruising lasts more than seven days or if you have any concerns, please contact us.
    • No alcohol on the day of treatment – thin blood and cause bleeping.
    • Some clients experience minor bumps, pimples or redness at the injection points.  This is normal and temporary.
    • Avoid sun and heat (eg saunas, hot-tubs) for three weeks.