MySkin Laser Clinics on 24 August 2018

Winter is coming to an end. While the weather may still be dull, there’s no reason your skin should be. This is the perfect time to show your complexion some TLC before spring hits. So, get your calendar ready because we’ve rounded up the best skin treatments to book right now.

1. Pigmentation Removal

This winter, say goodbye to those pesky dark spots with pigmentation removal. This process can erase freckles, sun spots and blotches using medical-grade laser technology. It works by firing an intense burst of light to target and destroy pigmentation while leaving the normal surrounding skin unaffected. 

For the best results, you shouldn’t be tanned when getting this treatment. Additionally, it’s important not to pluck, bleach or wax target areas for at least two weeks beforehand. So, booking in winter rather than summer makes sense. 

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2. Vascular Laser Treatments

While harmless, broken capillaries and spider veins can be unsightly, especially on your face. Vascular laser treatment can help erase them painlessly and easily. Using laser light to target affected areas, the treatment breaks down capillary walls, causing them to collapse and disappear. The result? Beautiful, clear skin. 

If you have a vascular laser treatment booked, you’ll need to follow a few rules, which will be easier to manage in winter. These rules include staying out of the sun, avoiding self-tanners and not waxing, plucking or bleaching for at least two weeks beforehand. 

3. Chemical Peels

Cold winds, low humidity and central heating can all lead to dry, dull skin in winter. Thankfully, a chemical peel is the perfect way to revitalise your tired complexion. By gently yet effectively sloughing away dead skin cells, a peel will leave you with smooth, hydrated and beautiful skin. 

Booking a chemical peel while the weather is cold will also make your pre- and post-treatment care easier. This includes avoiding all skin tanning activities and products before treatment as well as exercise, swimming pools and spas afterwards. 

4. Skin Needling

Want to emerge from winter hibernation looking better than ever? Skin needling may be the treatment for you. Perfect for bringing radiance back to lacklustre complexions, skin needling boosts collagen production to achieve healthy, youthful and smooth skin.   

The treatment is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. It works by creating micro-injuries, which trigger new elastin fibre and collagen synthesis. Afterwards, your skin will appear firmer, younger and more radiant. 

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5. Laser Facials

If you’ve ever thought about getting a laser facial, now’s the time to do it. After all, the required sun-avoidance for at least two weeks before and after treatment is much easier in winter than it is in summer. 

A laser facial is ideal for resurfacing skin and rebuilding collagen. The treatment uses waves of energy to vibrate skin fibres and stimulate collagen production for a smooth, youthful appearance. 

Laser facials can also be used to target specific skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, congestion, acne, and scarring.

6. Tattoo Removal

It may not be the first treatment you think of to improve your skin, but tattoo removal can have a significant impact on your appearance. And, it just so happens that winter is the ideal time to undertake the process. So, if you want to say goodbye to your ink before summer hits, it’s best to do so now.

Tattoo removal can take several sessions to complete. Each session will require you to stay out of the sun and avoid any tanning products beforehand. If you have been exposed to the sun, you may have to postpone your treatment. After each session, you’ll also need to limit your sun exposure and exercise for 24 hours. If your body overheats, it can cause the tattoo to blister, which is definitely not ideal. 


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