Make-up Tips for a Glamourous Season!

MySkin Laser Clinics on 12 October 2016

In the spirit of spring cleaning it’s time to give your makeup regime a spring update. We’ve pulled together six tips to refresh your makeup regime for the spring racing season.

Switch over your foundation

The foundation you were using throughout winter may not be as suitable now the weather is warming up. The hydrating, full-coverage formula that gave you smooth, fresh skin may now be too heavy and oily.

Look for a lighter coverage foundation for spring to give you that fresh, dewy look and natural finish. And don’t just grab the same shade as your winter foundation without testing first - the increased sunlight will warm your face and subtly change your skin tone so you might need to go for something a shade darker.

If you do want to stick with the same foundation throughout spring, get the lighter look by blending a small amount with your daily moisturiser for a DIY tinted moisturiser effect.

Cream over powder

The spring look is all about fresh-faced and dewy, which you can get by subbing out powder blush and eyeshadows for cream-based versions. Apply with a makeup sponge, or just use your fingers for a easy, natural look.

Get primed

If you’re not already using a primer as part of your morning makeup routine, get onto it this spring.

Primer is designed to provide a base to your foundation, allowing it to glide on smoothly and last longer. Choose one designed for your skin type: if you’re oily, look for an oil-free primer with oil-absorbing properties; if your skin is dry, use a primer that contains hydrating ingredients. If you have different skin types in on your face (like, say an oily T-section but dry cheeks) you can use to different primers for each specific area.

Spring into the season

Spring into the season

Spring makeup is all about light, feminine colours and dewy complexions. While the look for winter is all moody plum, deep burgundy and lots of kohl, your spring look should evoke the light colours and sunny skies of the warmer weather.

On your cheeks apply rosy pink or peach based blush with a pop of shimmer for a healthy, youthful glow.Use pinks, blues, lilacs and greens on your eyes for an eye-opening appearance. Copper, gold and champagne colours are also a great spring-time look. For the lips, pinks, corals and reds make for the perfect pout.

It’s all about the brows

The bold brow trend is firmly here to stay and this spring is the time to master it. While you might not have given much thought to primping your brows, even just a little bit of grooming can have a massive impact on your look.

A full brow a la Cara Delevingne makes you look younger and can really open up your face. Use a fat brow brush to get this look, applying in short, even strokes to avoid any resemblance to Oscar the Grouch.

Bring out the bronzer

With the warmer weather in full swing, it’s now totally appropriate to bring out the fake tan to give yourself a natural looking glow. Avoid going over the top - this isn’t St. Barts in the middle of summer, after all. Just a light coating of a bronze-based tan will give you that lightly-kissed-by-the-sun glow just in time for spring racing.

Of course for the best tan you’ll want to prep your skin first. A deep exfoliation will scrub away all that dead winter skin cells, while a deep moisturising treatment will vitalise your fresh skin underneath.

Just be sure to protect your skin with a good SPF coverage - apply every morning and reapply before heading out into the sunshine for gorgeous skin all season.

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