MySkin Laser Clinics on 2 June 2017

This allows the roller to puncture the skin evenly while also minimising pain as the skin is drawn away from the underlying nerves.

Is Dermafrac safe?

Dermafrac is an effective and safe treatment, with minimal downtime compared to some other treatments. While it may seem counterproductive, the fine damage caused by the microneedles actually stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. This speeds up collagen renewal, plumping the skin and minimising pores.

dermafrac closeup

What happens during a Dermafrac treatment?

Before your treatment, our friendly consultants will chat with you about your skin concerns and the results you hope to achieve, before recommending a specific treatment.

MySkin Laser Clinics offer a number of Dermafrac options, from our Express treatment – which takes only 30 minutes and is great for a light refresh – through to our Deluxe treatment that incorporates micro-needling, an infusion of advanced serums, and targeted LED light therapy to assist specific skin concerns.

Does Dermafrac hurt?

The micro needles are exactly that – micro – so set aside images of being jabbed with a pin. While it is an active sensation and you will feel some movement as the Dermafrac roller passes across your face, the sensation is less like pain and more like irritation.

What will my skin look like after Dermafrac?

Straight after your treatment you may notice some facial redness, although this generally disappears after 12-48 hours. You’ll probably also notice how plump and fresh your skin looks and that your skin is more even in colour.

It’s important to remember in the days following that your skin will be more sensitive. Make sure you wear a protective SPF whenever you’re outside or exposed to daylight, and pay close attention to the creams and makeup you use.

Typically you’ll see results after just one treatment, including clearer skin and a more radiant complexion. But for best results we recommend a course of treatments around four weeks apart.

Find out more about Dermafrac and if it’s right for you by booking in for a complimentary consultation at your nearest MySkin Laser Clinics location.