A Lifetime of Beach Readiness is Something Worth Waiting For

MySkin Laser on 12 December 2014

Something that lasts a lifetime takes time to perform. No matter how large or small the body area you are having treated, Laser Hair Removal will require a number of sessions to complete effectively. So, like any good date, Laser Hair Removal will have you coming back for more.

One of the many positive aspects of Laser Hair Removal is the brevity of the sessions. While 8 -12 sessions to stop 85% of hair growth – depending on the individual and the body part being treated – a single session will almost always require under an hour to complete; a date that can easily be slotted into a lunch break.

The Different Phases of Hair Growth

Hair grows in cycles, typically experiencing renewed growth every 4-6 weeks depending on the body part. During these cycles, each of the individual hairs on your body will pass through three distinct phases:

  • Anagen (growth phase)
  • Catagen (shrivelling phase)
  • Telogen (resting phase)

The bad news: Laser Hair Removal is effective during only one of these three phases.

The good news: Laser Hair Removal is effective during the phase that a hair will remain in for the majority of its life.

While the Catagen and Telogen phases of hair growth will last for approximately 2 weeks and 3 months respectively, the Anagen growth phase will last for 2-3 years and sometimes longer (though this will vary from body part to body part).

At any one time, approximately 75% of the hairs on your body will be in their Anagen phase of growth. This phase is responsive to laser treatments because it is the phase during which the hair follicle will attract the laser.

Any additional laser sessions subsequent to the first will be to treat those hair follicles that were not in the Anagen phase previously. Your laser therapist will usually require 8 -12 sessions to stop 85% of hair growth from the targeted body area.

laser hair removal on cheeks

A Unique Treatment for a Unique Individual

Each laser treatment is just as unique as the person who is getting it done. How many Laser Hair Removal sessions you require will depend on certain of your own bodily characteristics, such as skin tone, hair colour and hair thickness.

Laser Hair Removal is most effective when there is a contrast between skin tone and hair colour. For instance, pale skin with thick, dark hair would typically be an effective combination.

Prior to commencing Laser Hair Removal, one of our qualified nurses will take the time to understand your skin, and walk you through what Laser Hair Removal will mean for you – how long each session will take, and how many sessions you will likely need. Our consultations are free – as is our expert advice – so if you decide it’s not for you, you will not have lost anything in the process; you will have only gained knowledge.


The number of Laser Hair Removal sessions you will need – as well as how long each session will take – will depend upon a number of factors unique to you. Your skin tone, hair colour and hair thickness will all impact how many treatment sessions you will need, but typically this will not exceed 8-12 sessions under an hour.

Laser Hair Removal can never be performed in a single session. This is because during its lifetime, hair will go through three different phases of growth – the Anagen, the Catagen and the Telogen. Since Laser Hair Removal is only effective in the Anagen phase, you will be required to return for additional sessions to target hair that was previously in either of the other two phases.

Like all good things, Laser Hair Removal takes time. Although you will be required to return for a number of sessions, in the end it is a short amount of time to sacrifice for a lifetime of no shaving.

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