MySkin Laser on 15 December 2014

What if we told you that a lifetime of wax-free summers could be achieved with relatively little pain?

If you’re a regular waxer, you know that there’s a price to pay for hair-free bits – and that price is a lot of fist-clenching, profanity-inducing pain. But in comparison to bikini waxing, Laser Hair Removal is nothing. You probably won’t even feel the need to curse at your technician – something unheard of for wax aficionados.

A lot of the time with Laser Hair Removal, the mental build-up is a lot worse than the actual treatment itself. For one reason or the other, people expect it to hurt – a lot. Perhaps this is because of the name, or rumours they’ve heard, or it’s just a classic case of fear of the unknown.

We’re here to assure you there’s nothing to be afraid of. Laser Hair Removal is a safe, permanent and frankly miraculous way to remove unwanted hair with relatively little pain.

What Does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

candela gentlelase pro laser systemMany of our clients at MySkin Laser Clinics liken the sensation of Laser Hair Removal to a small elastic band snapping against the skin. While you would not actively seek such a sensation, it is very much preferable to feeling the roots of your hair getting ripped out as you do with hot wax.

At MySkin Laser Clinics, we use the superior Candela GentleLase system, which includes a patented Dynamic Cooling Device. This system sprays a layer of cryogen on the skin milliseconds before the laser pulse, dramatically improving your level of comfort and rendering the hair removal treatment virtually painless.


What if Laser Hair Removal Does Hurt Me?

While Laser Hair Removal is a comfortable experience compared to other hair removal treatments, we do understand that pain thresholds differ between individuals. If you do experience pain during the treatment, talk to your qualified MySkin technician and we can make adjustments to get you through the treatment painlessly.

In the rare case that you do experience an uncomfortable degree of pain whilst undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatment, just let your MySkin technician know and they will help. If necessary, we can apply numbing creams to help you get through the treatment more comfortably.

If you experienced pain during your first session of Laser Hair Removal, let your consultant know when you come in for any subsequent treatments. A topical anaesthetic can be applied to the skin prior to treatment, if preferred, which should counteract any pain you experienced in the first session.


Despite any fears you may have, there’s no need to be scared of Laser Hair Removal – especially if you’ve had a bikini wax before. In comparison to other methods of hair removal, laser treatment is a comfortable, virtually pain-free experience. And the best part is, after a small number of sessions, you’ll never have to return for painful hair removal ever again.

Many clients liken the experience of Laser Hair Removal to a small elastic band snapping against the skin. While it may be ‘annoying,’ it is more than bearable – and is a very small price to pay for an eternity of wax-free summers.

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