What to Expect After Your Laser Hair Treatment

MySkin Laser on 8 January 2015

First thing’s first. Laser Hair Removal is without doubt a more effective, more permanent means of removing hair than tweezing, shaving or waxing. If you’re sick of the repetition of these futile actions – of enduring painful waxing sessions, only to have to return to the salon a few weeks later – then Laser Hair Removal is an excellent alternative.

However, before booking in your sessions, it is important to manage your expectations of what the results of laser treatment might be for you. While laser treatment is more permanent than other methods of hair removal, people will experience different levels of regrowth at different stages after their laser sessions have been completed.

In short, Laser Hair Removal is not 100% permanent, 100% of the time.

Should I Expect Any Hair Regrowth After My Laser Treatment?

Permanent means forever. When we refer to permanent hair removal here, we mean no regrowth ever again. Not in one year, not in ten years; not even a single hair to compromise your sun-dappled beach silhouette.

On average, Laser Hair Removal treatments offer a 70% to 90% permanent reduction of hair in the treated areas.

Note that this rate of effectiveness does not refer to results after a single session. This success rate can only be achieved after the required number of laser hair treatment sessions.

The 10% to 30% regrowth rate is due to those hair follicles that have not been completely destroyed during your laser sessions, meaning that they might eventually grow back. Even so, these surviving hair follicles will usually take some time to recover and you will therefore benefit from a longer period of hairlessness than you would using other treatment methods.

What Are the Factors that Influence the Permanence of Laser Hair Removal?

The end results of Laser Hair Removal differ from person to person. The percentage of regrowth you are likely to experience after completing your laser sessions depends on a number of your own personal traits that, unfortunately, you cannot change.

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Skin tone, hair colour and hair thickness are the three main bodily characteristics that work together to determine what level of permanence Laser Hair Removal is likely to achieve for you. In this sense, the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal is never static; it changes from person to person based on their own unique traits.

Laser Hair Removal will typically be most permanent and effective for those with light skin and thick, dark hair… but that is not to say that laser treatment is not beneficial for people with dark skin and thin, light hair. At MySkin Laser Clinics, we use cutting edge laser technology, which can result in high rates of permanent hair removal even for those whose natural traits would usually preclude them from achieving effective results.

Why Do Some Hairs Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal, And Not Others?

The effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal is dependent on the growth phase of your hair during treatment. During its lifetime, the hair on your body goes through three different phases:

  • Anagen (growth phase)
  • Catagen (shrivelling phase)
  • Telogen (resting phase)

Laser treatment works by destroying hair follicles; something which can only be done when the hair is in its Anagen (growth) phase. Fortunately, around 75% of the hairs on your body will be in their Anagen phase at any one time.

This is why the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal can only be measured after a number of sessions. Your laser technician will require you to return for additional laser sessions to target those 25% of hairs that weren’t in the correct phase of growth during your first laser session. Technically, the more sessions you get, the more permanent Laser Hair Removal will be for you.

However, as with everything in life, there is room for error. In the case of Laser Hair Removal, this refers to the small number of hairs that will eventually grow back after you have completed your sessions; those hairs that remained in either their ‘shrivelling’ or ‘resting’ phases for the duration of your treatment.


While there is absolutely no arguing that Laser Hair Removal is a more permanent, more effective method of hair removal than tweezing, shaving and waxing, it does not result in 100% permanent hair removal. Usually, Laser Hair Removal will offer 70% to 90% permanent hair reduction.

The effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal depends upon certain bodily traits that cannot be changed. Your skin tone, hair colour and hair thickness will all influence how effective Laser Hair Removal is for you. However, even if these personal characteristics are conspiring against you, fear not: Laser Hair Removal can still produce superior results.

If you want to know more about how Laser Hair Removal could benefit you, contact MySkin for a free consultation.