How to Accept Age with Grace – Without Letting it Walk All Over You

MySkin Laser on 8 December 2014

The fear of looking like a blown-up party clown can often prevent women from getting anti-wrinkle treatment when they begin to show those first signs of age. The appearance of fine lines and the sagging of once-tight skin can be soul-destroying. Yet, such emphasis within society is put on ‘ageing with grace.’ And so we accept the lines, doing what we can to ignore their existence. Maybe we’ll move mirrors to places where we won’t be forced to confront them unexpectedly, make extra effort to always put our ‘best side’ forward in photos, and stack our bathroom cabinets with various anti-ageing ‘miracle’ serums. Our mourning is conducted in silence.

applying wrinkle creamIt doesn’t have to be that way. It is true that when we think of wrinkle fillers, we think of Botox and immovable visages; of fish lips and the murmured comments of passers-by, who judge us for wishing to prolong the halcyon days of youth. There’s nothing wrong with that wish. At a certain age, we all begin to wish that exact same thing. As much as we all want to reach 65 and look like Cindy Crawford – who seems to have located the fountain of youth – without having to resort to injections, there is nothing wrong with fighting back. There are ways to do this subtly and effectively, without the world being let in on the secret.

Different Types of Wrinkle Fillers

There are a variety of injectable treatments that can be used to smooth out lines and wrinkles in the skin. The most well-known of these is Botox, derived from the Botulinum bacterium, which works to eradicate wrinkles by weakening underlying muscles.

However, Botox isn’t the only wrinkle filler available. Many of the wrinkle fillers available from MySkin Laser Clinics are derived from natural proteins, which are safe, proven, and immediately effective. When injected, these natural proteins relax the muscles in your face, thus preventing the development of lines and creases around the face.

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Obtaining a Natural Look with Injectables

botox injectionWrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process, and are caused by a combination of factors that are inevitably encountered throughout the course of your life. Environment, hereditary and lifestyle factors all contribute to the formation of wrinkles, with the deepest lines being caused by repetitive gestures – frowning, laughing, smiling. If you’re one of the billions of people who, throughout the course of their life, have used their facial muscles to communicate expression, then wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of.

However, you don’t have to surrender to wrinkles. It is still possible to maintain a natural, youthful look without letting life’s lines make their mark.

Though wrinkle-filling injections – including Botox – have a bad reputation for resulting in an unnatural look, this is only true when taken to excess. The key to the success of MySkin clinics lies in the skill of our registered nurses, who have years of experience helping women and men look and feel their best. Within our clinics, wrinkle fillers are used as subtle highlights, to enhance and restore your natural beauty. Our aim is softening and smoothing – not puff. Cindy Crawford, eat your heart out.

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Wrinkles are inevitable, but not undefeatable. Contradictory and seemingly un-reconcilable expectations are placed on women by a society in which it is unacceptable to look old, but also unacceptable to look unnatural.

There is a happy middle ground between these two expectations. When administered by the right nurse, in the right environment, and in the right quantity, wrinkle fillers are the best bet for women who want their exterior to continue reflecting their youthful interior.

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