MySkin Laser Clinics on 12 July 2017

It’s well known that what you put into your body shows on your skin. The food you eat – from antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables to the healthy fats in avocado and fish – help your skin to combat the effects of aging and the environment.

But, as healthy as your diet is, sometimes your skin needs an extra boost to keep it supple and radiant. A specialised vitamin infusion treatment can give your skin the additional revitalising goodness it needs.

What is vitamin infusion?

At it’s core, vitamin infusion is designed to repair skin and improve it’s appearance through the application of a potent combination of serums. However what makes a vitamin infusion facial really powerful is the use of sonophoresis, or sound waves, to deliver the vitamin molecules through the skin. While it may be difficult to say (and spell), sonophoresis is an effective adjunct to treatments, peels and microdermabrasion.

Normally the surface of your skin creates a tight seal against external elements like dirt, wind and moisture. The sonophoresis wand outputs low frequency sound waves of approximately 20,000 per second (20kHz). This gentle action creates tiny spaces in the skin’s upper layer, allowing the treatment serum to penetrate further where it can be most effective.

Who is vitamin infusion for?

The fabulous thing about vitamin infusion is that it’s suitable for just about everyone and all skin concerns, because the treatment can be customised. However, it may not be suitable if you’re pregnant or have some health concerns, so chat with your doctor and/or consultant first.

While your results may vary depending on the treatment, you should experience a reduction in redness, firmer-feeling skin and more hydration. Basically, your skin will look as if you’ve been diligently eating nothing but vegetables and nutrient-dense foods (instead of Uber Eats and wine).

About the vitamin infusion treatment

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First your aesthetician will examine your skin and advise on the most appropriate treatment, based on your concerns and needs. They will then apply the selected vitamins, creams and serums to the skin, before passing the sonophoresis wand over the treatment area.

The sonophoresis wand makes an unusual, ticking sound (like the sound dolphins make) and you’ll feel a warm vibration on your skin. But, there’s nothing remotely painful about it and you might find yourself imagining you’re in a David Attenborough documentary (okay, perhaps not).

The serums are usually left on the skin to infuse further, but if you’re heading back to work your aesthetician will clean most of it away. Whereas your skin might be slightly flushed from the treatment, you shouldn’t experience long-lasting effects – aside from glowing, radiant looking skin, of course.

MySkin Laser Clinics offer a range of vitamin infusion treatments, depending on your specific skin concerns:

  • Express Vitamin Infusion – is our quickie treatment designed to repair, refresh and rejuvenate your skin, giving you more hydration and a radiant glow.
  • Focused Vitamin Infusion – target more specific skin concerns with the addition of active ingredients applied to specific areas of concern.
  • Purifying Vitamin Infusion – designed for acne, scarring and deep skin congestion, this treatment combines exfoliation and hydration for touchably smooth skin.
  • Ultimate Vitamin Infusion – sonophoresis (sound waves) are combined with iontophoresis (electrical currents) to deliver the treatment deeper into the skin’s layers. This is combined with the Environ Alginate Masque to soothe and promote hydration.
  • Ultimate Vitamin Infusion and Peel – Fuse the benefits of sonophoresis and iontophoresis with an intensive peel for even deeper and more visible results.

Don’t be surprised if friends and colleagues notice a certain glow almost immediately after your treatment. But like most other treatments offered by MySkin Laser Clinics, you’ll notice long-lasting results if you commit to a series of treatments. Of course, our friendly consultants will be able to recommend a treatment to suit your specific skin concerns and needs. 

To find out more or to book a complimentary consultation, simply contact your closest MySkin Laser Clinic.