Your Guide to Full Body Beach Readiness

MySkin Laser on 11 December 2014

We’re about getting rid of the bush – not beating around it.

In short, Laser Hair Removal can be used to treat any body area where you are experiencing unwanted hair.

Seriously, anywhere.

While lasers sound like they should be reserved for the realms of science fiction and not for your delicates, it’s not actually all that scary. Laser Hair Removal only targets the roots of your hair, never passing the dermis (your second layer of skin). This makes it a safe, effective alternative to waxing and shaving that can have you bikini (or speedo) ready – forever.

Like Any Good Thing, Laser Treatment Takes Time

Though it may sound like stating the obvious, it is worth mentioning that body areas with larger surface areas will take longer to treat than smaller body parts. While areas such as the upper lip can easily be treated in a matter of minutes, removing hair from your back, for example, could take up to an hour and require several sessions.

bikini line laser hair removalWorried about your bikini area? Don’t be. Bikini or Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is one of the most common laser hair treatments we perform at MySkin, and takes a lot less time than other body areas such as arms, legs, face and back. Laser Hair Removal for your bikini line can take as little as five minutes, and only ten minutes for Brazilian.

Compared to a lifetimes’ worth of pain, costs and ingrown hairs that result from waxing, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of.


Every Laser Treatment is Different

Laser Hair Removal is just as unique as the person it is being performed on. Different variables – such as skin colour, hair colour and hair thickness – will affect both how long a session of laser therapy will take, as well as how many sessions will be required.

Laser Hair Removal is usually most effective when there is a large contrast between your skin tone and hair colour – for example, it will usually work best on people with light skin and thick, dark hair. This does not mean that dark-skinned, light-haired people will not benefit from Laser Hair Removal; it just means that sometimes, additional treatments may be required.


Laser Hair Removal can be used to treat your arms, legs, knees, feet, face, back, bikini area – basically, any body part where hair grows and is unwanted. This is true for both males and females.

Though the time it takes to perform effective Laser Hair Removal differs according to area size, and its effectiveness depends upon individual characteristics such as skin tone and hair colour, what remains the same is the reliability and safety of laser treatment.

To begin your hair-free life with Laser Hair Removal, contact MySkin.