Dermablading/Epidermal Levelling is an effective clinical treatment that exfoliates your facial fuzz while removing the nasties from the surface of the skin.

The glide of a gentle, surgical blade will decongest and resurface for the result of smooth, even and soft skin.

You can expect:

How does Dermablading work?

Dermablading is a technique that utilises a specially designed surgical instrument to carefully remove the stratum corneum or topmost layers of the skin which results in a smoother skin texture. Dermablading gives the skin a smoother appearance by removing dead skin cells along with the Fine Vellus hair.

The process improves the skin's texture allowing active cosmeceutical skincare to penetrate and encourage cellular growth.

What skin conditions can Dermablading improve?


Dermablading Treatment Only $150
Dermablading Plus Peel Treatment Only $175
Conditions apply. Applicable to Victorian stores only.


  • How does the treatment work?

    This procedure involves the use of a patented blade that works by safely removing surface dead skin cells and fine down-like hair on the face that makes it difficult for products to penetrate and aids the smooth application of makeup.

  • What does the skin feel and look like straight after a treatment?

    After treatment, the skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated with no severe redness or downtime.

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