Teeth Whitening Launch

A smile says a 1000 words!
Achieve a whiter and brighter smile with our advanced teeth whitening system.

Lifestyle factors such as alcohol, smoking, food and drinks can overtime affect the colour of our teeth. This can affect a persons self esteem limiting their social interactions, relationships and careers.

At MySkin Clinics we offer the highest level technology using a cool light LED that ensures a safe and effective brightening treatment. Treatments take as little as 20-40 minutes bringing your teeth up to 6 shades lighter. Why not try it on your lunch break?

How does it work?

A gentle teeth whitening gel is applied directly to your teeth. A cool LED light system will then be exposed to your teeth, activating the gel to create a whiter and brighter smile.

Results can vary depending on lifestyle factors, however you may expect up to 6 shades lighter bringing your teeth to its natural colour. Generally we advise a series of 3 treatments and to maintain results every 3 months.

How long does the treatment take?

Teeth Whitening Deluxe Treatment:

40 minutes. This treatment is recommended for clients who are undergoing teeth whitening treatment for the first time or haven't had a treatment in several months.

Teeth Whitening Express Treatment:

20 minutes. This treatment is recommended for clients who have already completed the 40 minute treatment within a 3 month timeframe and are maintaining their whiter and brighter smile.

Before and After


Express Teeth Whitening Only $220
Deluxe Teeth Whitening Only $299
Conditions apply. Applicable to Victorian stores only.

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