Teeth Whitening Launch

A smile says a 1000 words!
Achieve a whiter and brighter smile with our advanced teeth whitening system.

Lifestyle factors such as alcohol, smoking, food and drinks can overtime affect the colour of our teeth. This can affect a persons self esteem limiting their social interactions, relationships and careers.

At MySkin Clinics we offer the highest level technology using a cool light LED that ensures a safe and effective brightening treatment. Treatments take as little as 20-40 minutes bringing your teeth up to 6 shades lighter. Why not try it on your lunch break?

How does it work?

A gentle teeth whitening gel is applied directly to your teeth. A cool LED light system will then be exposed to your teeth, activating the gel to create a whiter and brighter smile.

Results can vary depending on lifestyle factors, however you may expect up to 6 shades lighter bringing your teeth to its natural colour. Generally we advise a series of 3 treatments and to maintain results every 3 months.

How long does the treatment take?

Teeth Whitening Deluxe Treatment:

40 minutes. This treatment is recommended for clients who are undergoing teeth whitening treatment for the first time or haven't had a treatment in several months.

Teeth Whitening Express Treatment:

20 minutes. This treatment is recommended for clients who have already completed the 40 minute treatment within a 3 month timeframe and are maintaining their whiter and brighter smile.

Before and After


Express Teeth Whitening Only $220
Deluxe Teeth Whitening Only $299
Conditions apply. Applicable to Victorian stores only.


  • How white will my teeth be following treatment?

    Teeth whitening treatments are designed to bring your teeth back to its natural colour. This means that results will vary from one person to another depending on the level of staining prior to treatment and the natural colour of your teeth. Generally you will see a difference of 1-2 shades lighter right up to 6 shades. For optimal results we advise to complete a 40 minute session to ensure maximum activity of the LED light. Lifestyle factors such as coffee, foods, smoking and alcohol may vary results of the treatment.

  • Is the treatment safe?

    Yes! Our teeth whitening system is a non-invasive treatment that uses a cool LED light. This means no harmful UV light is used during treatment. The gel applied to the teeth is classed as food grade ensuring that there are no dangers if the product is unintentionally swallowed or ingested. Studies over the last 10 years have classified teeth whitening as a safe and effective treatment with minimal sensitivity providing you have no intolerance to hydrogen peroxide. 

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